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Elevators Plugin needed!
Hello I was wondering why there is no elevator plugin for the server? I assume there is a good reason but if not and you just haven't heard of it ill explain it and put a link to one of them for you!

When you place down a iron block and then place another one directly above it a few or many blocks you can use it as a elevator by pressing the jump button to go up or the crouch button to go down. This is super useful in futuristic or modern builds to make elevators teleport pads or just simply a fast way to get from one layer to the other.

Here is a [https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/lift.4704/]Link[/url] to one of the plugins I'm talking about.

Thank you for reading this and I do hope you agree with me and implement it in as my build kinda needs it.
Thank you for your suggestion, we will try to find the elevator plugin that suits our needs.
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