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Ban for having a inappropriate name
Legit got ban for a inappropriate name JesusIsGay, but there's not rule that says that I cant have this type of name and the mans that ban me said its in the rules, but when I said there's no rule about it at all hes goes and says oh gay is one of our censor words. OK that's cool in all but HOW IN THE HELL DO I SUPPOSE TO KNOW THAT GAY IS A CENSOR WORD THERE'S NO LIST THAT WE CAN SEE. I SHOULD OF NOT GOTTEN BAN FOR A CENSOR WORD THAT I DIDN'T KNOW WAS CENSOR, also why ban them for that reason why not just say oh can you change you name when the name changer is reset which is a month so give them a month to do it even mute then if you must but a ban is stupid.

-From your friendly neighborhood Jesus

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